Filtration of wine and fruit juices

Wine is much older than the filtration techniques that are used today and was once pressed entirely without filtration. Even today many winegrowers still leave their wines to settle in the barrel without clarification. However, this method is barely suitable for mass production, such as the export business. In this sector, stable and clean wines are required, without any defective processes or afterfermentation occurring subsequently. For this purpose, sheet or membrane filters are deployed, which merely leave the finest suspended particles in the wine. Similar to beer filtration, diatomaceous earth and perlite grades are used here in combination with appropriate filter media.

Naturally cloudy or clear?

Anyone who has pressed their own juice or has a juice-extractor will know the problem. Fresh fruit juice contains a large proportion of suspended particles and remains of the fruit flesh. If the juice is consumed when fresh, this is healthy and delicious. However, as the soon as the fruit juice is stored, the suspended particles turn brown and the juice quickly perishes. 

This is why commercially produced fruit juices are filtered before the filling process and are thus preserved. Regardless of the type of fruit – whether stone fruit, pomes or berries, our product range has exactly the right filter cartridges as well as grades of diatomaceous earth and perlite to ensure expert filtration.