Beer filtration with diatomaceous earth –
for clarity and stability

Beer filtration involves the removal of suspended substances and left-over yeast cells. This is necessary, firstly, in order to stabilize the beer and, secondly, to meet the consumer demand for a clear and light beer. Traditionally, precoat filtration with diatomaceous earth is the preferred method for this step. Generally at least two filtrations with different filter media are carried out until a crystal-clear and stabilized beer can be bottled.

At Lehmann&Voss&Co. diatomaceous earth has been part of the product range for more than 60 years. From us you will receive first-class products, primarily from reserves in the USA, which cover all stages of beer filtration.

Filter media and filtration technology for beer

In addition to the diatomaceous earth, we also supply you with a complete range of filter media and filter containers as well as supplementary filtration technology. In the field of filter cartridges, our supply range includes both depth filter cartridges made of yarn, microfibres or PP as well as membrane filters with absolute micron rating.

Also in the field of filter technology, you can depend on our expertise and advice. If required, we will design and supply complete filter lines, and, of course, individual components as well. 

Auxiliary agents for flavour enhancement

Water quality makes a crucial contribution to the flavour of a beer and not every water is equally well suited to every beer type. Our range of products includes brewing gypsum and activated carbon for selective water treatment. To stabilize the beer, we supply special stabilizing agents such as PVPP, silica gels and silica brines.

Amongst master brewers

Three master brewers are on hand to provide expert advice and technical support for our clients from the brewing industry. They advise breweries in the filter cellar on site on the selection of the appropriate diatomaceous earth and are also on hand to provide assistance in cases of poor clarification, low throughput or when choosing the right filter cartridges.