Fibre glass and polypropylene air filter media

Micro-Aire filter media

These air filter media made of borosilicate glass fibres are bound with phenolic resin into a uniformly compressed and voluminous mat similar to a non-woven. Fibre diameters, binding agent content, density and strength of the mat are permanently monitored with state-of-the-art production technology in order to ensure that filtration performance, efficiency, dust storage capacity and differential pressure remain constant. The efficiency is 40 – 95 % according to ASHRAE 52.1. Micro-Aire air filter media are optionally available with a non-woven layer made of polyester or nylon. The non-woven material is neither cemented nor needled, but, instead, is applied directly during the manufacturing process, which guarantees constant values in terms of filtration technology.

Poly-Aire air filter media

Wherever disposal by incineration is carried out, this product range made of 100 % polypropylene represents an alternative to the glass-fibre filter medium. The efficiency is 40 – 95 % according to ASHRAE 52.1.

Both types of air filter media are colour-coded for easy identification and are supplied ready-cut in roll form.

Microlite air filter media

Manufactured from borosilicate glass fibres, Microlite air filter media are entirely free of binding and sizing agents. Available in rolls in the standard widths of 24" (609,6 mm), 36" (914,4 mm), 72" (1828,8 mm) and with weights per unit area of 310 g/m2 and 465 g/m2.