Auxiliary agents for the beverage industry

The use of auxiliary agents can significantly extend the shelf life of beer. This essentially involves reducing the content of polyphenols and tannins by adding PVPP, silica gel or activated carbon. Depending on the desired clarity of the beer and targeted shelf life, it may be helpful to use a combination of several auxiliary substances.

Special activated carbons are suitable for removing unpleasant odours or tastes in beer, for treating the brewing liquor and for correcting organoleptic faults.

Stabilizers are used to remove turbidity that may result from proteins or yeasts and other suspended particles from the beer. In this way beer is stabilized both in microbiological and in chemical/physical terms.

Our supply range includes:

PVPP (Polyvinylpolypyrrolidone)

This primarily removes phenolic compounds.

Silica gels

Our range includes both xerogels and hydrogels. These products consist of ultra pure amorphous silicon dioxide and are exceptionally suitable for stabilizing beer.

Silica brines

Liquid stabilizing agents based on high-purity amorphous silicon dioxide.

Stabilising diatomaceous earth

Celite Cynergy® is a beer-stabilising diatomaceous earth which, in addition to the usual filtration properties of a medium-fine diatomaceous earth, has additional protein stabilising properties due to targeted surface modification.

Polyclar 10, PVPP    
Selective adsorption of protein-phenol complexes in beer
Polyclar V, PVPP    
Selective adsorption of protein-phenol complexes in wine
Stabifix W, 
high-purity amorphous silicic acid hydrogel
Selective adsorption of high-molar-mass protein compounds in beer
Stabifix W, 
high-purity amorphous silicic acid xerogel
Selective adsorption of high-molar-mass protein compounds in beer
Celite Cynergy® 200HS
beer stabilising Diatomaceous Earth
Simultaneous beer clarification and stabilisation

Activated carbon in powder or granular form

Under the brand name “Silcarbon” we supply steam-activated carbons in powder or granular form that can be used for applications such as removing unwanted colorants in beer.

We also supply special carbons for water treatment and for the removal of flavour from spring waters.

Silcarbon CW 20, 
steam-activated  carbon powder  
Decolorization, deodourization and purification of beverages such as beer, wine, fruit juices
Silcarbon K 814, 
steam-activated carbon granules   
Drinking water treatment, removal of halogenated hydrocarbons, pesticides, herbicides 

Flavour enhancing brewing gypsum

Extremely finely ground, non-settable calcium sulphate is traditionally used as a flavour enhancer in brewing water treatment.

Calcium sulphateBrewing water treatment