A broad range of products for fluid filtration thanks to global supplier connections and in-depth knowledge of how products can be used and how they work are the strengths of our Filtration business unit.

With their many years of experience, our employees will advise you on all aspects of precoat filtration, microfiltration and ultrafiltration. The services we offer include filtration trials and monitoring as well as design planning for plant extensions and new installations. If required, we can provide your employees with on-site training in the use of our products. Collaboration with prominent research establishments ensures that we always keep pace with the latest technical developments.

  • Depth filtration cartridges – nominal & absolute micron ratings
    • Yarn-wound cartridges
    • Melt-blown cartridges
    • Resin-bonded glass-fibre filament cartridges
    • Pleated depth filter cartridges
    • High-performance depth filter cartridges
  • Membrane filter cartridges – absolute micron rating
    • for liquid/gas/air filtration as well as disinfection / sterile filtration / aeration / ventilation
  • Active carbon filter cartridges (active carbon granulated or block)
  • Stainless steel filter cartridges
  • Depth filter media (needle felts) & fabric (nylon monofilament) with nominal micron rating
  • High-performance filter bags with absolute micron rating

Individual cartridge and bag filter housings for your application

Our cartridge and bag filter housings are the result of many years of experience in applications technology connected with solid/liquid separation. Our supply range is versatile in order to satisfy different fields of application.

Cartridge filter housings

Housings are available in plastic, carbon steel, stainless steel and Hastelloy C22. Our standard range includes designs with up to 30 cartridge spaces. We can of course also produce special designs in line with customer requirements.

Bag filter housings

We supply housings for bag filter plants in carbon steel, stainless steel and Hastelloy C22. The standard range includes designs for bags with various diameters and lengths as well as multiple housings.

All housing types are available with the customary international connections such as threads (BSPM), flanges (DIN and BS), dairy pipe union as per DIN 11851, tri-clamp and  also weld end.

As housing accessories, we supply venting units with an inspection glass and manometer as well as draining and sampling valves. On request, we also offer filter lines with full plumbing.

In addition to the customized cartridge filter range for the food, beverage, pharmaceutical, chemical and paint industries, we also supply complete system solutions. We design fully assembled filter lines, including shutoff, drainage and sampling valves – if required ready to install skid-mounted on a base frame.