Ion Exchange Resins

Lehmann&Voss&Co. is the exclusive distributor for the INDION® Ion Exchange Resin range of Ion Exchange (India) Ltd. in the territories of Germany, Austria and Denmark.

The INDION® range is backed by sustained focus on customer needs, intensive product and application R&D, sound technical support together with a wide application know-how. Add to this continuous innovation, worldclass quality, state-of-the-art ISO 9001 & 14001 certified manufacture facilities, and FDA approved pharmaceutical grades.

The INDION® range of Ion Exchange Resins provides a complete coverage for water and wastewater treatment as well as a wide host of specialty applications in the following sectors:

  • Water Treatment Plants, Potable Water
  • Refineries and Petrochemicals
  • Steel, Power and Paper
  • Food and Beverages
  • Pharmaceuticals, Biotechnology and Electronics
  • Sugar, Textiles and Automotive
  • Chemical plants
  • Environmental protection

Ion Exchange (India) is an independent manufacturer of Ion Exchange Resins, wholly owned Indian company since 1985 with subsidiaries and distributors present worldwide.

Ion Exchange India values customers, offering quality products with a high performance to costs ratio; the environment, through conservation and re-cycling of non-renewable resources; employees, providing a safe and congenial working environment, with a work ethic inspired by professionalism, integrity and teamwork.


INDION ion exchange resins are covering the most important conventional water treatment applications such as softening, deionization and dealkalization. All grades are manufactured in an automated, ISO 9001 & 14001 certified facility, with the possibility of tuning the particle size distribution and the uniformity coefficients.

ProductClassTypeTypical application
INDION 225 NaStrong Acid CationGelSoftening and decationization
INDION 222 Na NSStrong Acid CationGelSoftening, non-solvent resin
INDION 790Strong Acid CationMacroporousCondensate treatment, galvanics
INDION 236Weak Acid CationMacroporousDealkalization
INDION GS 300Strong Base AnionGel, type IDemineralisation, combined with INDION 225 Na
INDION GS 400Strong Base AnionGel, type IIDemineralisation
INDION 810Strong Base AnionMacroporousCondensate treatment, galvanics
INDION 860Weak Base AnionMacroporousDemineralisation
INDION MB 11Mixed Bed, C/A 1:1GelDemineralisation, EDM, laboratories
INDION MB 115Mixed Bed, C/A 1:1,5GelDemineralisation, EDM, laboratories
INDION MB 12Mixed Bed, C/A 1:2GelUltrapure water, refillable catridges

Ion Exchange manufactures a variety of high purity ion exchange resins designed for the purification of potable water. The products are available also in the non-solvent form. These resins comply with NSF/ANSI Standard 61 and are certified with Gold Seal from the WQA. Applications that are more particular include softening, disinfection, and removal of nitrate, arsenic, fluoride and iron.

ProductClassTypeTypical application
INDION 225 Na FStrong Acid CationGelSoftening
INDION 222 Na NSStrong Acid CationGelSoftening, NON-solvent resin
INDION ASMHybridMacroporousSelective arsenic removal
INDION NSSRStrong Acid AnionMacroporousSelective nitrate removal

INDION resins are used for deashing and colour removal in gelatine, liquid glucose, sorbitol, dextrose and maltodextrine manufacture. INDION resins find application in the removal of alkalinity from the wash water in the beverage industry. Other applications include stevia purification and debittering of fruit juices. Inversion of sucrose into glucose and fructose using INDION resins helps in reducing sugar consumption in the beverage industry for low calorie beverages.

In sugar refineries, Ion Exchange offers products for decolorization of sugar syrups, coupled with phosflotation and carbonation. It operates by passing the pretreated sugar melt through a combination of specialty ion exchange resin columns.

ProductClassTypeTypical application
INDION 830 SStrong Base AnionMacroporousDecolorization of sugar syrup
INDION 930 AStrong Base AnionMacroporousDecolorization of sweeteners
INDION 860 SWeak Base AnionMacroporousDecolorization, de-ashing
INDION PA 500Polymeric AdsorbentMacroporousDe-bittering of fruit juices
INDION 525 HStrong Acid CationGelConversion of Na-tartrate to tartaric acid

Ion Exchange is the first company in India to establish and promote use of ion exchange resins as Pharmaceutical Excipients. They are accredited with G.M.P Certificate by the Food & Drugs Control Administration (FDA), Gujarat for manufacturing bulk drugs and are widely used in India and other countries. INDION Resins are used as pharmaceutical ingredient for tablet disintegration, improving palatability of ionizable drugs as taste masking agents, for sustained release of active, and many more.

ProductClassTypeTypical application
INDION 234Weak Acid CationMacroporousTablets disintegration
INDION 254Strong Acid CationGel, powderSustained release, taste masking
INDION 790Strong Acid CationMacroporousAPI processing
INDION 890Weak Base AnionMacroporousSolvent based processes
INDION PA 800Non-ionic polymerMacroporousAPI, steroid and enzymes purification 

Ion Exchange (India) R&D department has developed specialties ion exchangers designed to solve complex challenges in a broad spectrum of chemical processes. Their flexibility to adapt customer’s demand into real solutions is one of the best assets. Ion Exchange offers various grades of chelating resins, strong and weak acid cation exchange resins for removing or recovering metal ions. The chelating resins having aminophosphonic, iminodiacetate, thiol and thiouronium functional groups are used for removing specific ions from a mixture of ions.

ProductClassTypeTypical application
INDION MSRChelating-ThiolMacroporousHg-removal, heavy metal removal 
INDION TCRChelating-ThiouroniumMacroporousHg-removal from flue gas wet scrubbers
INDION BSRChelatingMacroporousBrine softening for chlor-alkali processes
INDION SIRChelatingMacroporousHeavy metal removal, soil remediation
INDION ISRHybridMacroporousSelective iron removal 
INDION PA 800Non-ionic polymerMacroporousHerbicides and pesticies removal