Test plants

We are pleased to place our test facilities at your disposal for testing purposes. 
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The miniplant is designed to test individual tubular membranes for their suitability in a screening test. Different membrane materials (PP, PES, PVDF, ceramics) can be tested in the portable unit.

The device consists of the transport container, which also serves as a storage container for the product to be filtered, and the device part with pump, piping, module holder, pressure control valves and manometers for inlet and outlet pressure. The device for periodic backwashing is also fixed on the device and consists of: electronic timer, two solenoid valves, pressure reduction station and backwash container.

Technical description of the plant 
Type of module / membrane area:PP:                      ca. 0,026 m²
PVDF; PES:        ca. 0,025 m²
Ceramics:          ca.  0,023 m²
Weight:ca. 20 kg (without water filling)
Dimensions:Width: 1.810 mm
Height: 480 mm
Depth: 380 mm
Max. temperature (media):65°C
Max. pressure:4 bar
Electrical power input:0,5 kW; 230 V; 50 Hz
Compressed air:4-6 bar (oil-free)

The plant is designed to test pipe modules for their suitability for a large-scale plant. With the pilot plant a membrane module made of the materials (PP, PES, PVDF, ceramic) can be tested over a longer period of time.

The plant parameters temperature, operating pressure, filtrate pressure, filtrate quantity and module overflow are displayed on a Siemens touch panel and stored as a data file. Backwashing with filtrate can be programmed and switched on via an integrated time interval. An upstream filter protects the system against irreversible damage. A temperature-dependent cleaning of the membrane module can also be carried out.


Technical description of the plant 
Type of module / membrane area:PP:                      ca. 1,5 m²
PVDF; PES:        ca. 1,1 m²
Ceramics:          ca.  1,6 m²
Weight:ca. 580 kg (without water filling)
Dimensions:Width: 2.400 mm
Height: 1.700 mm
Depth: 1.200 mm
Max. temperature (media):65°C
Max. pressure:6 bar
Electrical power input:16 A; 400 V; 50 Hz
Compressed air:4-6 bar (oil-free)